Redgage is a Scam
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Redgage is a Scam

Redgage is a scam. That is, if scam to you means a site that creates the expectation that they are going to pay you for something you created and uploaded with them, and then give you grief instead when that payment time finally comes. Here is my very thorough review of Redgage, as I have experienced them for about two years and found that it's not the great site you might think at first. is a scam.  Confirmed.  Let there be no doubt that Redgage is a scam.

Ignore the three Redgage members who claim they have been paid over $1000, and therefore Redgage is "legit".  For those three, there are insanely more people who are deeply unhappy being screwed by Redgage, their content used by Redgage, monetized with ads that make Redgage money, but not being paid for their creations by Redgage.  

Following is my personal experience of Redgage, confirming simply that Redgage is unreasonable, unethcial, hypocritical and, for all practical purposes, a scam.    

So let's start at the beginning:

Having found Redgage, the "social site that pays", I was over the moon!  I could post my articles, photos, blogs, and even links to Redgage.  And they claim they'll pay!  Some miniscule amount though;  about 1 cent for every 17 visits.  But it's better than NOT being paid for those things.  

I opened three accounts;  one for my photos and links, another for articles, and another to promote my business.  

Oh how lovely to see in the box on the right of every page, how the "earnings" are accumulating.  Too bad I would later learn that all of those cents and dollars would mean squat.  

I've always liked to do a little light photography, and here on Redgage I was promised I could earn a little something for showing off my best photos.  

Since I love to write, my writing could finally be read by people, and Redgage showed me the promised earnings growing all the time.

And "friends" for my online business kept growing.  I really thought Redgage was the best thing since sliced ham.  

The months went by, if not a year or two, and all the time "earnings" came dripping in.  Finally came time for a pay-out from Redgage ($25 minimum which takes forever to reach), on the account I used for my photographs.  

It is here where the dream started crumbling beyond repair.  And other sites should learn a lesson here:  If you are going to gain people's trust, it would be if your payment system is easy, reliable, and payments are on time.  Redgage's way of paying is far from any such things.    

Firstly, Redgage's excuse for a "payment system" is beyond shady.  Where any intelligent and legit online business uses Paypal, Payza or a combination of both, Redgage at the time of my first payout used "Redgage Visa Gift Cards".  

Basically what that means in practise is that Redgage first deducts $5 from the money they owe you, just like that.  This is insane!  It's beyond unethical.  It is the same as saying to somebody you owe money to, "Hey, for my effort of having to reach in my pocket to get my wallet out and to open it and take the money out and hand it over to you, I'm first paying myself $5 of your money."  I mean what the hell kind of unreasonable scum does that??

Then of course, this card that they put in the mail, takes months and months and months to reach you.  It can easily take 6 months before you actually receive it.  That is ON TOP OF the up to almost 2 months you have to wait for any earnings to clear, since Redgage waits 45 DAYS AFTER THE END OF THE MONTH IN WHICH EARNINGS ARE EARNED, to "clear" them.  Seriously, their time scale they do things on are not only shady and impractical, it's totally bonkers.  It really doesn't excite anyone.    

So, having finally received this card, you will find that it causes lots of problems.  Redgage claims it can be used like a debit card, but so many people have complained all over the internet that it simply does not work.  And, those who say it does work, complain about INSANE TRANSACTION FEES FOR EACH AND EVERY TRANSACTION.  At best, after all the insane deductions, you're lucky if you get out $8 of your original $25 which took a lifetime to earn.  Many people lost interest very quickly in Redgage after their first payout.   

Still, after receiving one such card, I told myself that at least it's something.  But now I wish I had told myself to shut up and not trust Redgage, because that little bit of pre-plundered "earnings" was all I would ever see, and no more:  

The months rolled by and, surprized I would see it again in my lifetime, the time came again to withdraw earnings, on my Redgage account I used to promote my business.

Liz/Elizabeth/Eahauser sent me an email on my Redgage account that the virtual card is on its way.  By now, Redgage is using "virtual cards", whatever the hell that is - since mine never came, I never got to know.  

Who is Liz/Elizabeth/Eahauser you say?  Some blonde bimbo who claims to be an employee of Redgage;  however it seems she's the only one who works there, and for all we know she actually is the one woman show behind Redgage.  She's the only one who responds to queries SOMETIMES, when she has the time I suppose.    

Months went by, without my receiving this "virtual card", so I sent a message back that I have not received it.  Liz then told me to contact "".  

Now, what every Redgage user who has ever had an enquiry knows about "", is that any messages or enquiries sent to them, is a complete waste of time.  "" NEVER responds.  I have seen one unhappy reviewer claim online that there is NOBODY behind this "" in the first place.  I'm afraid I can't argue with that, as my many support enquiries have also been unanswered.

So, I just never received my earnings on this account.  

Then one day, happy as a clappy was I, because I got a message from Redgage I had won a $25 raffle card, and must withdraw it immediately or it will go to someone else.  This was on my blog (writing) redgage account.  

I did as I was ordered by Redgage.  Hooray, I'm getting some money for all my writing efforts and time I put in!  Or so was the assumption.   

Then followed months of silence.  No such raffle card and/or earnings ever arrived.  This on top of the previous card I'm also waiting for, by now seemingly in vain.  What is going on here?  Is Redgage on the level? 

I did remember though that the withdrawal form said I would receive an email when the card is sent.  I received no such email.  Don't tell me they STILL didn't send the card!

I enquired about it from Liz.  She ignored me.  

Out of desperation, I finally wrote a blog about it on my Redgage account, where fellow members can see how Redgage is treating me.  Only then suddenly Liz came out of her shell and wrote comments on the blog, grabbing at nonsensical straws to find a reason for not having sent my payments.  

 And, in typical b/s fashion, she kept jumping from one thing to another, always changing reasons.  

It started out as "multiple accounts".  Redgage had no rules whatsoever that you may not have more than one account.  So how can that possibly be a reason for not paying out?

"Gaming the contest", is what Liz then falsely accused me of.  If like me, you don't know what the hell she's talking about, she explained only after I licked her to explain, something in the line of that if I have more than one account it I might win the "raffle card" nonsense more than other members who have one account.

When I explained very clearly that such thinking is rubbish and that I keep seperate accounts for subjects and entities that have nothing to do with each other, then she changed the reason to "traffic".  

Traffic you say?  Yes, she didn't say what was wrong with my "traffic", but I assume too many people were reading my blogs.

This was more insane fishing on her side.  Besides, Redgage sends the traffic to my blogs, through the other Redgage members that read my blogs.  I assume search engines send more traffic too.  How is receiving traffic a problem for Redgage?  It doesn't make any logical sense.  Unless Liz is trying to make it seem like I send bots to my uploaded content in order to inflate views.  I sure as heck aren't.  

Well, in spite of Liz telling me " could probably invest your energy in explaining your traffic and already have your payments", once the traffic was explained, she of course did NOT send the payments.  It was just a blatant lie.      

Instead, the fishing for a reason that she could somehow make stick, continued.  She probably was hoping that I'd be gone by now, because she kept telling me also, "If you would like your account removed and you are unhappy with RedGage- just confirm and I can remove your account".    

In other words, "if you don't like us not paying you, you can bugger off and let me delete your account with all your earnings stats so that there's no evidence that we owe you money".

She simply would not send the payment.  It sickened me to think that THEY contact ME to tell me I have won a raffle card, and now they are giving me grief and don't seem to have any intention of sending it.  What was the point then?  They might have just kept it to themselves then.  

It's obvious she was trying to make me wait as long as possible for her to sort it out, which she eventually plans not to.  But finally she found her reason for not sending the payment:  "Stolen content".  

Even though nobody in their right mind would agree with her, she claims I uploaded stolen content.  In one of my blogs I embedded a picture from a website of a place I wrote about that I had visited so the readers know what I'm talking about, and about another two blogs had generic royalty free pictures on them for illustration.

So what's wrong with that you ask?  Nothing to anybody reasonable.  

But Liz happily asserts that Redgage rules state that they will only pay for content the user created themselves.  

What angers me about this is that:  

1.)  It was NOT her original reason.  She fished for reasons because she had no intention of paying.  

2.)  Redgage had no problem whatsoever keeping up my blogs for themselves, monetized with their own ads, making themselves money with my content.  There was nothing wrong with the content while the traffic was streaming in on it for months and months.  NEVER ONCE did they notify me that something is objectionable and that I must fix it, remove it, or that they are taking it down themselves.  

So, don't even begin to say that Redgage was concerned about copyright - they don't care while they are making money off of it;  they only care when they need a reason not to pay you.  They are completely unethical, hypocratical and ambiguous in this regard.

Of course if these few images are really the issue, this can be easily fixed, and indeed I did remove these pictures that nobody else would see as a problem since I'm not "making money" from them - it's MY blog that I wrote that people come to read.

Notifying Liz that I removed them, she ignored that.  

I then deleted the blogs themselves so Redgage can at least not keep making money off of my content that I created and Redgage is making money on but refuse to pay me.  

Still, Liz has shown no interest in sending my payment cards.  In fact, she has threatened that my account was "flagged for removal".  

As for my other Redgage accounts, even though all the content was completely legit on those, the payments simply did not come, even after I received a message from Liz that they have been sent.

Well, the end of my Redgage experience was finding one day that, lo and behold, Redgage have deleted my accounts.   No payments received to date.  Scam.  Plain and simple.    

In conclusion, nobody can work like this.  And frankly, from the messages left by other people on Liz's profile, it seems the biggest problem people have with Redgage is that they don't receive their payments and support ignores them.

Personally, I would strongly, STRONGLY advise against joining Redgage.  I have lost all appetite for Redgage.  When it comes time for them to pay you your share for your content, they treat their members like crap, and their excuse for a payment system falls far short of any reasonable service - and that's when they still paid;  something which in my experience and judging from all the complaints from members, they now seem to have clearly stopped doing.

Redgage is one of those sites who think they have all the power since if you complain and they don't like it, they can simply delete you and not pay you.   

Horrible site, horrible experience.  

My conclusion:  Redgage = Scam. 

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Comments (2)

Instead of wasting time with that fuc***g website you would have tried megatypers. with megatypers you can earn daily a sum of $10 dollars easily the money will be automatically be credits in a week to your liberty reserve account.daily $10 then monthly $300. If your typing speed is high you can earn daily $20 . It is about typing the captchas which is used for image verfication in websites. if you want to join then join with these codes 444P, 4DOP,  If you have any doubts email me

What most people don't realize is that Liz or elizabeth is redgage support. They like people to think there is this huge staff running aound making all the parts work - she is it, period. Back when I was a high earner on redgage it was always liz who responded from support, no one else. I can tell you this, the old redgage site did pay and it payed well. Not only for me, but I kbew many at the site that earned and were all paid in full by giftcard. I think they operate that way for tax reasons, not sure, but I could never talk Liz into switching to paypal. Notice I said the old site - a few years ago Redgage switched over to their new and improved site, and yes, it is 100% better than the old site as far as things working, not as far as earnings, they put in place a new system that "calculates" how many "real views" you get each month, meaning that many of your views are tossed and not counted, which means the money earned from those views goes into their pockets. Like I said, I was one of the high earners on the old system and always got paid in full, but once they switched us over to the new system, my account froze and would no longer update. In fact, my earnings say I only have earned $175 since I joined - that is way off. But like I said, I have been paid in full up to 2013, all earnings from 2013 forward are going into Redgages pockets since I can no longer access my account - I see it, but its frozen and won't update. So I contacted a number of friends and it turns out many of them have had the exact same problem, their accounts are frozen since 2013 also. So I did a blog, which usually gets Liz's attention, no reply. I emailed her, no reply. I contacted support, which again is Liz, no reply. If you have a frozen account because of the switch from the old site to the new site - your out of luck, they (Liz) simply will not respond to you. As far as multiple accounts, yes and no.....I have friends on there that do have several accounts and Redgage leaves them alone. It only becomes an issue if you have come up on their radar for something else, like being accussed of posting stolen content. Redgage members are told to self monitor the site, and many use an online program to do this, called Tineye reverse search tool, or simply tineye. Place a link to any photo and if it is most likely stolen, hundreds if not thousands of sites where the photo appears on show up, and you get reported for posting stolen content. The problem is that tineye is not foolproof and will often show a photo taken at a popular place as showing up at hundreds of sites - even though the photo was taken by you. This happened to me once, a guy from overseas ran one of my photos I took in Acadia National Park, and the photo came back as being on over 200 sites. Sure enough, it did look very close to my photo, but a closer look proved it was not the same photo. The other problem is that there are people on that site that get their kicks flagging people just for fun.....the effect is your payments are delays or put on hold for God knows how long, and if someone doesn't like you, you really get flagged, which woun't get your account closed but it will place you on a DO NOT PAY list. As far as that contest goes, its stupid...everyone knows its not a real contest, its a reward program to give a little extra money to the high earners and to encourage new members and convince them to stay on the site. I actually wasted a few days years ago and went a couple years back to write down all the past winners and as it turned out, the majority of those winning were people who had joined within the past six months of the contest, with the rest of the winners being high earners. So how many accounts you have have nothing to do with the raffle...there simply isn't a raffle. For god sakes, if they could run a raffle as complex as it would have to be to take into account all the new people joining daily, they clearly would be able to unlock peoples accounts, and they can't even do that.