Make Money Online Scams-Protect Yourself
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Make Money Online Scams-Protect Yourself

The loss of jobs, poor economy and rising costs are causing people to find ways to earn extra cash. Working at home is becoming more popular, as well as a necessity for many. However, there are multiple make money online scams that make false promises, and are nothing but get rich scams. With the right knowledge, you can protect yourself from the make money online scams.

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Trying to earn extra cash can be daunting at times, especially when you look for ways to make money online. Every year, more people are turning to the Internet as a way to earn extra income, yet don't have any idea as to where to begin.

If you are new to the Internet, and are looking for ways to earn extra cash, there are a few tips which you need to understand. The first thing that you need to learn is that there are plenty of make money scams that make a lot of false promises, and do nothing more then take money out of your pocket. There are plenty of ways to lose money while trying to make money online.

Business opportunity offers that require a payment from you, should be ignored. The only person that is going to benefit from this opportunity is the one that is collecting the bucks from every person who makes an investment.

You often see ridiculous claims about software, and programs which claim you will be making a ridiculous amount of money overnight, or they have a friend or relative that is making a ridiculous amount of money just because they are using this software or have joined some program. This is among the biggest make money online scams, and the list continues to grown.

Work at Home Mom Scam

Work  At Home Offers

Another make money online scam is the work at home offers. To begin with, when you fill out a job application, how many employers have asked you to pay them. The answer is none. In other words, there is no legitimate employer that is going to charge people to work at home for them. The only charge would be what you would pay for a headset if you would be hired to work at home as a customer service representative. In fact, you would purchase your own headset from a retailer of your choice, therefore controlling the price that you will pay. The reason for the headset requirement is that during your shift, you will have an influx of calls, will need to use the computer, so both hands need to be free at all times while you are working. Work at home jobs like this are often found by word of mouth or by searching various online job sites such as Monster dot com, etc.

One of the primary work at home scams advertises as work at home moms where the claim is that mom is making a thousands of dollars every month. This scam goes as far as creating what looks like official news stories by news broadcasting stations such as CNN.  Another part of this scam is that vidoes are produced to look like an official news story that you would watch on television. They even use the news broadcasters, making them appear as though they are reporting this fantastic story about a woman who lost her job, and is now making x number of dollars per month.

Assemble Products

Another favorite is those who are looking for home workers to make jewelry, or to assemble other products. Some go as far as presenting themselves as a religious group, who needs help in making necklaces, and other things that pertain to their faith. The gimmick here is that you are expected to pay a deposit. In reality, that deposit is your purchase of the supplies which are accompanied by a poorly put together video, or written instructions. You deposit is supposedly to assure the company that you will do the work, and return the finished products to them. Of course, they will always find something wrong with your work, keep your finished product, and not pay you.

Writing Articles

There are other work at home companies who make the claim that they have clients and plenty of work for writers. The catch is, that you have to pay the company in order to get the work, that is, if there is any work to begin with. You do not need to pay anyone in order to obtain an income from writing articles.

  • There are numerous opportunities, that are legitimate to make money from writing articles. If you want to earn from writing articles, there are several sites where you can post your articles and earn pennies. It is a slow process, and will take time to earn enough to even pay your water bill. There are sites that pay you according to how many views you get. Other sites enable you to do affiliate marketing, but your earnings are strictly based on Google Adsense earnings, that is if Google Adsense even pays you. They have a reputation for closing accounts for some infraction which they never make clear, then keep your earnings if they are below the minimum payout of $100, which is the case most of the time.

The Biggest Make Money Online Scam

There are other business that offer you a great opportunity to make money. This is one of the most expensive make money online scams going. They often call you on the phone and then start their sales pitch. You are then asked to listen to a recording and then asked more question such as how much money would you like to make each month; how much time do you have each day or week to devote to your business, etc. The next step is to turn you over to another person who is the heavy hitter. Eventually, you will be told that they will give you a website, maybe more than one website, web hosting, a support group, even your own personal trainer. Now comes the reality. These companies are going to ask for several hundred dollars upfront. Then that web hosting that you thought was free, turns into a monthly charge of $40 or more a month.

Of course you are told that you can cancel, get your initial investment back and so on. However, the catch here is that if you want to cancel your account, the cancellation has to be done a specific way, otherwise, when you press that cancel button, which is readily visible to you, you just forfeited your investment. The actual instructions as to how to get the refund, is hidden within the site. Nobody explains as to how to cancel your account correctly. In fact, if you call customer service, there job is to stop you from wanting to cancel. They will do everything they can to avoid giving you the cancellation information. Now, they have irritated you, you hang up, and get back on the computer looking for the instructions as to how to get a refund. Unless you are lucky, more than likely, by the time you find the information, your deadline to cancel has expired. There is another claim that they are sending a packet with all the information, rules, cancellation policies to you, etc. Unfortunately, the package never comes.

Protect Yourself From Make Money Online Scams

In order to protect yourself, there are a few general rules to follow.

  • Do not pay any company in order to earn an income.
  • Do not buy these products that make promises of increased website traffic or income overnight.
  • If the claim of a huge income seems to outrageous, or too good to be true, it is, more than likely, a scam.
  • There are multiple ways to earn extra cash online without having to spend money, in hopes of making more money.

Spend Your Money Wisely

There are only a few things that you, eventually, may need to pay for.

  • A domain name for your blog or website, which is approximately $12 per year. This is the first expense that is recommended by the pros. A paid domain name is much better than those that are provided for free.
  • Web hosting which is as low as $4 per month.

You can create a blog and a website for free through blogger, weebly, wix, and many other free services. These sites also will provide free web hosting. However, when you can afford the cost, it is said that it is wiser to pay for you web hosting. In fact, you often are able to have more features, even be able to create multiple sites under a sub-domain name when you pay for the hosting depending on the company that you choose.

  • List builder also called an “auto-responder.” This can be an expensive venture. However, there are multiple free auto-responder services available. Some are free for a specified period of time. An alternative is to place a comment box on your site or blog, as well as contact information and allow your viewers to contact you directly if they wish for you to contact them, send them a newsletter periodically, or to let them know that you have updated your site or blog.

Final Note

The reality is, unless you are extremely lucky, trying to make money online can be a tedious, and lengthy process before you ever see an real income, especially if you are trying to earn enough, on a regular basis, to pay your living expenses.

In order to avoid make money online scams you need to take the time to do research. You can usually find information on the various forums. You should also take the time to read reviews, but you also need to realize that there are reviews out there that are provided by these companies, those they pay o write them, or others trying to promote the scam. Another source is to check with the Better Business Bureau in your state, as well as the state that the company is based. In many cases, you will not find information as to where these companies are located, or headquarters locations, phone numbers etc.

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