Is This a Scam How to Detect Online Scams
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Is This a Scam How to Detect Online Scams

These days online scams are very common. This article will give you some helpful tips and advice about how to avoid them.

These days online scams are very common. They come in lots of different forms, such as: Emails, banner ads and online services. If you know what they look like they are easy to detect, though they’re very attractive, which suck a lot of people in. In this article I’ll explain what these scams look like.

What sort of banner ads are scams?

Most banner ads that are scams are flashing and telling you that you’ve won something. Eighty or ninety percent of banner ad scams look like that. The other ten or twenty percent usually say something like “You have one unread email - Click here to view”. Now, if you see something like that you have to use your common sense. If you had an unread email would it pop up on a random website where an ad would usually be? No, it would not. If you see that, its simply a scam.

So pretty much just don’t click on any banner ad that is flashing, telling you that you’ve won something, or telling you that you’ve got one unread message/email. Now you’re safe from most banner ad scams.

What sort of emails are scams?

If you have a good email service most of these “scam” emails will get filtered to your spam/junk folder. Though there will always be some that will slip past the filters into your inbox. So what do they look like? Here are some things that’ll determine a legit email from a scam. They will usually be sent from a free email address (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail etc). A lot of them are poorly laid out, with lots of exclamation marks and written by someone who loves using the caps lock button.

Most of them will tell you that you have won something, and may spell words like “money” spaced out (“M o n e y”) to avoid spam filters. Do not reply to these emails, as this will only confirm that your email account is active. Then you’ll get a lot more spam. If you do not reply then the spammers will move on.

What sort of online services are scams?

About eighty or ninety percent of paid survey sites are scams. It is very hard to find a legit one. If your on the verge of signing up to one but you suspect its a scam then type this into Google: Is “Insert site name” a scam? If it is then you will usually find some sites telling you the site is a scam.

Another way to find out is to look at the website of the online service. Does it look professional? Does it look messy? If it doesn’t look professional, but instead messy and doesn’t have any/many active users then it could well be a scam. A lot of it also boils down to common sense. If it looks too good to be true (or looks like it was made by a five year old) don’t trust it.

Thanks for reading, and good luck with avoiding scams!

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Very useful and practical tips. I have noticed these all scams which you have mentioned in this article. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing!! Very well written