Is a Scam?
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Is a Scam?

Will Readbud pay you when you reach their minimum payout amount? Here is my experience.

Does Readbud really pay?  Here is my experience: 

I joined Readbud on the 27th of June 2010. claims to be a site where you get paid a few cents to read articles.  The articles are garnished and overlayed and coupled with pop-up advertising, which is obviously how the owner of the site makes his money from;  that is from all the clicks should the readers of the articles click on them. 

At first you get around 10 articles a day to read, but this quickly diminishes when you have earned around $30.  That last $20 really takes forever to earn, because you might get 3 articles a day, then about 1, and this is about the point where most members give up and don't believe they will ever reach the $50 pay-out mark. 

One is supposed to read the articles then rate them by clicking radial buttons from 1 - 10. However, some bugs on some pages (perhaps deliberate bugs?) make it impossible to rate some articles after you have read them, so you do not get paid for those. I read 921 articles, but when all is said and done I was successfully credited for only 859.

I very patiently and laborously and excitedly worked my earnings with them up to $50.  Finally I could request a pay-out.

After requesting a pay-out, my account balance reset to $0.00.  However, the pay-out never arrived in my paypal account. 

I contacted the owner through the contact form, but got no response.  I tried it again and again, but finally the captcha that one has to solve to send them the email simply keep saying it is incorrect, even if it is correct.  So nobody can contact the owner of the site anymore. 

My personal opinion is that the owner either thought he would get people to click on his whichever ad network ads and earn off their labor and never pay them, in other words deliberately run a scam, or he tried this venture and it simply didn't work the way he thought because in the time I was there, the ads just kept getting more and more intrusive, I'm talking like crazy amounts of pop-ups and ads everywhere in your face all over the content, in other words it was asif the owner was trying to say "CLICK DAMN YOU!!! CLICK!!!!!  CLICK THE BLOODY ADS ALREADY!!!!!!!!".

Whichever the case may be, having now waited for 9 months for a pay-out, it simply is not going to arrive.  Ever.  I have lost all hope and belief in Readbud.   

Therefore, let it be known that


Waste no time with them and do not refer people to it.  Thanks.   I do not know why this site is still up and running, but obviously all over the web it is openly reported that Readbud members have not been paid.  


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Comments (2)

thank you for sharing your experience. I have a similar experience with readbud. I had almost 20 ads the first time I applied. then slowly the number of ads that i clicked narrowed down. I already have $49.02 in my account and the ads that are available comes only one in two weeks. sometimes there is an ads but I cannot click on it or if ever had rated it it suddenly gets lost and no amount gets into my account. I have been clicking ads since 2009 and up to now my account is 49. I will not visit the site anymore because I know that it is a scam. I am wasting my time. Thank you again, magicaldimension.

 I did a whois lookup for this site   here Here i got formatted information. Then i have searched some reviews in Google finally i saw some reviews here i got this message "Low Trust Rating. This Site May Not Be Safe to Use." and here  i got 100% web reputation.With these I think it may be  dodgy .If you are satisfied with these reviews you can go with them otherwise  get  away from this site .