Impersonal, Impractical, Impossible: Why Google Adsense May Not Be Right for You (PART 3)
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Impersonal, Impractical, Impossible: Why Google Adsense May Not Be Right for You (PART 3)

Google is an automated monster; after the correspondence with them mentioned above through their automated forms and emails, we feel we were humans talking to a dead object. Might as well have ignored their emails and links to information and "appeal form" garbage, for none of it lead anywhere anyway and just wasted time.

CONTINUING FROM HERE:  So, after experiencing going through the impersonal automated meatgrinder that is Google Adsense,  you storm over to their "Disabled Account FAQ" to see if you can make sense out of their disabling your account without giving any reason. 

The "Disabled Account FAQ" is sure to anger you even more. Instead of answers, you get "Because we have a need to protect our proprietary detection system, we're unable to provide our publishers with any information about their account activity, including any web pages, users, or third-party services that might have been involved."

Perfect.  Another lame excuse that gives Google more impersonality.  They make the claim against you but they won't back it up.  

And all the monies they owe you? 

Oh, that part states of course you "may not receive any further payment. The earnings on your account will be properly returned to the affected advertisers.  Please also note that we place stop payments on any outstanding checks for accounts that have been disabled for invalid click activity. We ask that you refrain from depositing any checks you may receive in the future, as your bank may charge fees for depositing a stopped check."

So they're stealing your money from you too for a bogus claim they refuse to back up. 

I have read many times online that people stated Google Adsense is a scam, but I always thought maybe it's just sour grapes because they did apply fraudulent clicks and now they're angry that Google cut them off.  Now that we have experienced it ourselves, could it actually be true that Google Adsense is scamming thousands of individuals on a regular basis this way?  I no longer think the claim is far fetched.

There is an "appeal form" but I somehow already had the impression it was just there for "legal" reasons to look good;  I didn't believe it would have any effect to fill it in. 

Compulsory questions like these greeted us on the page: 

"How are your users accessing the web? (e.g. Internet cafes, home DSL lines, mobile devices, university / office intranets)"

HOW IN BLAZES WOULD I KNOW IF SOMEBODY IS USING THE INTERNET IN AN INTERNET CAFé OR AT HOME OR THE OFFICE???!!!   If Google really did "review their records", why don't they tell me where users came from and which one of those ways was unacceptable to Adsense? 

"Why do you believe the traffic to your Google ads is valuable to advertisers?"

Uh hello?? Advertisers need people to see their ads. The advertisers got all the benefit of the exposure and clicks from my site, and now Adsense is scamming me out of my due payment for it.  

"Any relevant information that you believe may explain the invalid click activity we detected:"

Honestly!  So Adsense disables your account without telling you why, and now they want YOU to provide them with reasons and proof of "invalid click activity"??  And who said there even was "invalid click activity";  suddenly it's just assumed whereas before no reasons were given.  But again, it's a readymade pre-setup form.  Appears Google only communicates in the most impersonal automatic ways.

Well we filled in the form, knowing it's for nothing, and in spite of their automatic submission message stating it would take weeks for them to review it, it was only a few hours before yet another automated readymade email came in, again of course not discussing anything whatsoever relating to the case at hand, but just this general readymade message:  "...after thoroughly re-reviewing your account data and taking your feedback into consideration, our specialists have confirmed that we're unable to reinstate your AdSense account."

Yeah no surprizes there;  in fact we had already added another ad network's ads to the websites in question.  

But we do feel that Google Adsense did us in horribly by stealing from us all the money we earned.  As far as we know all clicks were valid and if Google Adsense had a problem of sorts, we were more than willing to work with them to resolve it (IF THEY COULD ACTUALLY EXPLAIN ANY ALLEGED PROBLEM) and continue a long mutually beneficial relationship.   Or mutually agreed to end it if something wasn't going to work, and just be paid for our share in generating the income up to this point.

But of course Google is an automated monster;  after the correspondence with them mentioned above through their automated forms and readymade emails, we feel we were humans talking to a dead object.  Might as well have ignored their emails and links to information and "appeal form" garbage, for none of it led anywhere anyway and just wasted time.

So, was this even about "invalid click activity"?  They never stated a reason;  it's really just the "appeal form" and the documentation that their email pointed us to that talked about "invalid click activity" as a POSSIBLE reason.  Could it have been another reason?

Well, while this was going on I did browse some of their endless stipulations and policies.  If you have an Asense account and don't want it disabled suddenly one day without being given a reason, perhaps you might enjoy some interesting ones that one doesn't (and nobody could over the long term) remember every day you're setting up a webpage: CONTINUED HERE...

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