How to Avoid Getting Broke Before Becoming an Internet Millionaire
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How to Avoid Getting Broke Before Becoming an Internet Millionaire

Your mailbox might just be bulking with great ideas to become a millionaire in no time. You can become very rich without any efforts, just install this software. It will cost you some bucks to catch the big game, but here is the catch: what are they really selling. How to find your way through frauds and genuine paying internet money makers.

I must be the luckiest person in the world. Every time I open my spam, I get mails from all over the world. Most likely all financial departments are looking for me. Yes, I have millions in a bank account I did not know. This generous person I don't know, just seems to know me and I am entitled to big sums, if I just give them personal information and copies of my ID, credit card number and what so on.

Sounds fishy? It is. Those are phising mails and all you get when you give them all the details, is an even emptier bank account.

Or you get this desperate mail from a dying widow that trust you with the fact she needs money to get het late husband's inherited fortune.

Those tricks are already known, but still some desperate people might fall for phising and because most of us are getting smarter, so the frauds are also getting more complex. Most people know that no total stranger, that does not know you, will give you such large inheriting.

Now there are genuine sites that pay you for filling out surveys or writing articles, but lately you will also get invited to some who have a different agenda.

They will send you adds to make a severe income by doing surveys, or making websites and they will offer you the software for some cost. But you can make an easy living, just working a couple of hours a week, they claim.

Now what are they selling? Be aware if they do not state it clearly. It might be you receive software, just to send mails to others, also to sell this same software.

But here is the catch: there is no easy money online. Before you buy, just check the company online. Also be aware some people will call everything, even Knoji a fraud. There are reports that even condemn genuine sites to this level.

The truth is that you can make money online, reading advertising mails and filling in surveys, but it will not make you rich. Keep in mind on average, you might get a cent for viewing such advertising mails. You get about 5 a week from a genuine site. This makes 5 cent a week and you need to make at least 10 dollar or Euro to be paid, in some cases even more.

Yes, you can get some extra cents, when you buy from associates websites and if you fill in surveys, but if you think you can make more than a dollar or Euro from a survey, you must be joking.

There are sites, like PaidSurveys, that claim to pay more, but when you want to participate in surveys and make the great income they promise you, you need to buy software first.

Those genuine sites might pay you just scrap money, but they will not ask you to pay you anything. They get paid by the companies that advertise through them.

So when they ask you money before giving it, be sure that in many cases they are indeed becoming millionaires, but just because you might have lost your money on them.

You can make some extra bucks online, but this is never easy cash. Or it will not be an income you can live from. The only exceptions are people who run real online businesses and they do work more than just a couple of hours a week to make this big money. Or some online writers, that have the skills and the SEO ranking and the right websites, might also live from it. But I admit I do not live from my Knoji writings. I just make some dollars from a hobby, that will not even pay my internet bill. And the writers that live from it, work much harder than I do.

Only the smart guys who know how to get the desperate people to buy their tricks might make it to become rich. What sounds to good to be true, just is.

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People have lost hopes that this can be the reality. We lack courage to try unverified actions.

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