How to Avoid Being Scammed Through Emails
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How to Avoid Being Scammed Through Emails

Spam emails could be annoying. These are emails that come from unknown sources and are sometimes causes of scam and con activities.

Spam e-mails is not a new problem online. With millions and millions of internet subscribers; spam e-mails keep circulating especially to those who are still new in the internet activities and do not know how to protect their accounts from spammers.

When I first had my e-mail; I never received spam mails. But as I started writing and registering in different sites; I found out that my mail is always crowded with a lot of spam mails. My spam mails are often more than my legitimate e-mails. It is annoying. With just two days of abandoning the e-mails, hundreds of mails are already in the mail box. This excludes the legitimate mails that I receive.

Sometimes I make a mistake of deleting all the mails that I thought are spam mails only to find out that there are important emails that I have deleted in my hurry to clear my e-mail box.

What is worst these spam-emails contain letters that are meant to con or swindle. I receive spam-e-mails everyday telling me about a fund sent by the government or money from a free lotto or money from a raffle ticket that I won. All these e-mails are junks and they must not be entertained. There are names of lawyers, doctors, professors or engineers telling you about a fund needing some beneficiaries.

If you see e-mails in your box telling you to go to the bank and claim your prize or fund do not try answering them. Just delete all the e-mails and don’t bother telling the sender to go to hell or telling the sender to stop sending the e-mail. They will not listen to you anyway so just leave it there. Delete all of them without even bothering to read them because they will not have any benefit for you anyway.

These are all similar in format. Of course you know when an e-mail is important to you or it is only a spam. Sometimes spammers use the name of Yahoo,com or google adsense in order to encourage recipients to open the e-mail and reply but refrain from replying because this will only be used by the spammers to swindle you.

There are cases when the spammer will tell you about a fund that is sent to you then he will ask for a processing fee. No matter how much money the spammer is asking, whether it is only a dollar or five hundred dollars, never give anything to the spammer. Let him get tired sending you the spam e-mail but don’t mind them. Just delete them because if you reply then you are starting a communication that will lead you to danger.

Spam e-mails could easily be detected. If you read an e-mail inviting you to apply for a job or any other thing that looks suspicious; do not open it. Just delete it. You will be safer that way than opening it and answering it.

Spammers use names of popular business names and money-related terms like: WesternUnion, Paypal, Google Adsense, Yahoo,com, Facebook, International Fund, International Organizations, Social Services, gifts, beneficiaries and other very convincing words to scam you.

If you don’t know the source of the email, do not click the link.

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Comments (1)

Quite useful.Of late, I am receiving scam messages in my mobile phone.But since they are coming from unknown mobile numbers, I had no other go but to read the message and delete it immediately as rubbish.